Social Mobilization and Institution Development (SM&ID)
NULM envisages mobilization of urban poor households into a three tiered structure with Self-Help Groups (SHGs) at the grass-root level, Area Level Federations (ALFs) at the slum/ward level and City-level Federations (CLFs) at the city-level.
Self-Help Groups (SHGs)
SHGs are groups of 10 to 20 women or men who come together to improve their living conditions by group savings and loans. These groups conduct regular meetings where the savings of the group are collected into a corpus fund, which are used to provide short-term loans to the members.
Panchsutra for a good SHG:
• Regular savings.
• Regular meetings.
• Regular accounts – book-keeping and accounting.
• Regular repayments.
• Adherence to rules and regulations of the SHGs.