The objective of the State Urban Livelihood Mission is to support urban poor in the given timeframe for attaining better living standards, amenities and creating a friendly environment for people to live and work, in the urban areas of Delhi.
The following are the objectives of the Mission:
• To support the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs)/Districts to plan, build, operate, manage and maintain basic urban infrastructure in the areas of skill training, shelters home, etc.
• To support and make the urban areas a conducive place to live and work with modern facilities and enable them to realize their potential in order to contribute in the social, economic and educational field.
• To aim at universal coverage of the urban poor for skill development and credit facilities. It will strive for skills training of the urban poor for market based jobs and self-employments, facilitating easy access to credit.
• Building Capacity of the urban poor, their institutions and the machinery involved in the implementation of livelihoods development and poverty  alleviation programs through handholding support.
• Ensure availability and access for the urban homeless population to permanent 24-hours shelters including the basic infrastructural facilities  like water supply, sanitation, safety and security.
• Cater to the needs of especially vulnerable segments of the urban homeless like the dependent children, aged, disabled and recovering patients etc. by creating special sections within homeless shelters and provisioning special service linkages for them.
• To address livelihood concerns of the urban street vendors by facilitating access to suitable spaces, institutional credit, social security and skills to the urban street vendors for accessing emerging market opportunities.
• To motivate the urban poor to form their own institutions. They and their institutions need to be provided sufficient capacity so that they can manage the external environment, access finance, expand their skills and assets.